6 Decluttering Tasks You Can Do In Less Than 10 Minutes

Ever wish you could declutter without tackling your whole house? These 6 tips are a great way to get started without taking up too much of your time. Start out with the area that bothers you the most and in less than 10 minutes you could be on your way to a decluttered and organized life.

All of these great tips from Clean Mama – Visit Clean Mama here

These are really some great ideas. It basically talks about tackling one area that bothers you the most and has you declutter just that one spot. Nothing else.

Decluttering a Kitchen Drawer or Cabinet

She talks about deluttering a kitchen drawer or cabinet by picking the worst one or the one cabinet or drawer that bothers you the most and getting rid of any broken or unused items and grouping all the like items together. Having an organized kitchen will save you time and energy!

Cleaning Up The Toys

She has a great tip for parents here by suggesting that you choose the one toy bin or toy chest that has the biggest mess. Declutter just this one bin. Throw away anything broken or missing parts, donate anything your kids do not play with anymore, and put all like items together.

As a parent of 5 I love this tip. If I were to try to declutter all their toys at once I would get overwhelmed quickly.

Sort Through Paperwork

We all have that pile of papers whether it is a mail pile or a file. No matter what the pile of paperwork is sort through it and get rid of anything you do not need and put the rest away in a filing cabinet or where ever you keep them.

Declutter and Organize a Food Area

Whether it is your refrigerator, your pantry, or a cabinet pick one area, one shelf, and declutter and organize it. Through away anything expired, donate foods that you will never use to a food pantry, and then place all like items together.

Decluttering One Type of Clothing

By decluttering just one type of clothing such as jeans, sweaters, t shirts, etc. This is an easy way to declutter and organize your closet one clothing type at a time.

Declutter and Organize the Bathroom

Clean Mama suggests that you choose one drawer or even start with the bathroom counter. Clean it all up and put all the items back where they belong. If you choose a drawer dump out the contents wipe out the drawer and put everything that belongs in their back in an organized fashion.

By choosing to declutter and organize one small area at a time will keep you from getting overwhelmed. And once you have done enough of these quick organizing tasks you will see that just 10 minutes a day can make a world of difference!

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