Declutter and Get Organized Ebooks and Resources

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Looking for decluttering and organizing resources to help you get a handle on your home and family? The eBooks and journals below all offer a different approach to decluttering and staying organized.

Take a look at them to see which one will work best for you! I have included videos of two of the eBooks. All of the declutter and organizing resources on this page are available for immediate download and have a 60 day money back guarantee so you can make sure they are a good fit for you without worry of wasting your money.

Finally Organized Finally Free

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Get 2,175 organizing tips, ideas and techniques to Help You Organize Your Home, Your Time and Your Life!

With Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home,
you’ll finally discover…

  • Easy effective organizing tips for every room in your home
  • Dozens of secrets for clearing the clutter and the chaos 
  • Good news–you don’t have to toss everything to get organized! 
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed with your To Do list 
  • Yes, you can be organized, even if you’re a Pack Rat 
  • Find hidden energy and motivation to get started on any project 
  • Creative and inventive storage ideas that you can apply immediately 
  • Short on storage space? Not a problem! 
  • Clean your house in half the time 
  • Conquer your laundry mountain and get back in control 
  • Snap up your routines and increase your productivity 
  • Never forget a birthday, event or appointment again 
  • Have a schedule and be spontaneous at the same time 
  • Slay the raging, paper beast 
  • Organize your computer files and email with ease 
  • Get twice as much done in half the time 
  • Take the “Keep or Toss Test” to help you decide what’s clutter and what’s not 
  • How to reduce your junk mail, both offline and online, by sixty percent or more 
  • The secret to getting your whole family into the organizing game 
  • End morning madness and start each day on the right foot 
  • How your computer can help you be more productive 
  • How to reach your goals, the SMART way 
  • Get everywhere . . . on time! 
  • How to say no and not feel bad about it 
  • Achieve more of what you set out to do 
  • Make each shopping trip productive 
  • and much more! You’ll discover 2,175 tips and ideas inside! 

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GoodBye Clutter

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Goodbye Clutter Program Comes with FREE LIFETIME Updates and a 60 day money back guarantee.

declutter organize resources

  • Module 1: Goodbye Clutter (Physical)
  • Module 2: Goodbye Clutter (Paper)
  • Module 3: Goodbye Clutter (Digital)
  • Module 4: Goodbye Clutter (Emotional)
  • Bonus 1: Clear the Clutter: 150 Things You Should Throw Out Right Now
  • Bonus 2: 10 Jump-Start Decluttering Projects
  • Bonus 3: One Day Declutter Mission
  • Bonus 4: 31 “Goodbye Clutter” Inspiration Cards
  • Bonus 5: 31 “Goodbye Clutter” Motivational Quotations
  • Bonus 6: Lifetime – “Goodbye Clutter” Facebook Support/Inspiration Group

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Get Organized Get Happy

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Here is a quick preview of the information you’ll have at your fingertips with Get Organized Get Happy.

What you get is a proven practical room by room, step by step blueprint with flexible strategies that you can make your own.

Easy to understand language… and specific tips for all those clutter hot spots in your home like clothes, closets, files and paperwork.

5 decluttering methods so you can swap, change and use what really works for you and the one decluttering technique that you must know.

Not everyone is the same, or has the same amount of clutter so these strategies and techniques can be tailored to your energy, time and mindset.

And that’s just a small taste of what’s inside the eBook.

  • The one rule that immediately blocks clutter from your home (page9)
  • How to identify your clutter and let go with confidence (pages 10,12)
  • Your 7 biggest clutter traps and how to get out of them (page11)
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that sabotage any clutter clearing forever (page 22)
  • 40 Items you can get rid of right now that won’t make any difference to your life (page88)
  • The 15 keys you must know to declutter from the inside out (pages 13,53,76)
  • 5 room filled out decluttering blueprint for professional hand holding support, so you have an example to follow (pages 25-39)
  • 5 room filled out organizing blueprint for even more step by step hand holding support (pages53-75)
  • How to dump your mental clutter for a fresh start (page 11)
  • 5 step foolproof clutter busting system (page 15)
  • Why the Clutterfree keys double your storage without spending a cent (page 77)
  • The 7-second keystone habits that will keep your house neat and tidy (page 46)
  • The 1 decluttering technique you absolutely must follow or you are doomed to failure (page 22)


  • Bonus 1: BeFree Blueprint Planners
  • Bonus 2: How to make Cash from your Clutter
  • Bonus 3: The One Stop Home Binder for your incoming paper information

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Get Organized Now – Easy Planner

Easy Organizer SoftwareEasy Organizer Software

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Loaded with tons of forms, checklists, logs and information sheets to help you organize every aspect of your life!

Inside the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer you’ll find forms, checklists, logs and information sheets for:

Family, Friends and Associates

  • Family Info
  • Pet Info
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Frequently Called Numbers
  • Address/Phone Directory
  • Babysitter’s Checklist

Goals and Planning

  • Major Goals
  • Mini Goals
  • Goals Progress
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Time Log
  • Master List
  • Daily To Do List
  • Projects Plans and Progress

Personal Growth and Reflection

  • Journal
  • Great Ideas
  • My Wish List
  • Daily Prayer List
  • Special Prayer Requests
  • Spirit Lifters
  • Decision Making Worksheet

Home, Garden, and Auto

  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Repairs
  • Household Appliances
  • Gardening-Master
  • Gardening-Flowers
  • Gardening-Plants
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Mileage Record


  • Home Inventory
  • Book Inventory
  • Video/DVD Inventory
  • Audio Inventory
  • Lenders/Borrowers Reminder
  • Photograph Documentation

Food and Shopping

  • Groceries-Filled
  • Groceries-Blank
  • Meal Planner
  • Recipe Instructions
  • Mail/Internet Order Record
  • Monthly Spending Record

Cleaning and Chores

  • Family Chore Chart-Filled
  • Family Chore Chart-Blank
  • Kids Schedule
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Cleaning Schedule

Health, Exercise and Medical

  • Balanced Diet Log
  • Nutrition Worksheet
  • Nutrition Summary
  • Exercise Log
  • Walking Log
  • Quick Health Info
  • Doctor Visits
  • Medication Schedule
  • Temporary Medication Log

Things to Do

  • People to Visit or Contact
  • Places to Go
  • Books to Read
  • Movies to See
  • Restaurants to Visit
  • Calls to Make
  • Television Schedule
  • Instructions Checklist

Special Occasions

  • Birthdays
  • Special Occasions
  • Gift Ideas
  • Party Planner
  • Holiday Card Record


  • E-mail Log
  • Web site Log
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software

Vacation and Travel

  • Packing Checklist
  • Travel Expenses
  • Traveler’s Emergency Info
  • Vacation Schedule
  • 10-Minute Vacations

Meetings and Presentations

  • Presentation Outline
  • Meeting Planner
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Notes

Home Office and Business

  • Office Supplies
  • File Folder Maps
  • Contacts
  • Marketing Schedule
  • Marketing Results
  • Customer Data
  • Referral Log
  • Training Log
  • Delegation Log

Your Ideas and Reordering

  • Re-order Form
  • Your Ideas and Suggestions

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List Plan It

Journals to organize your home, life, and daily tasks. Get & Stay Organized. Try it Free for 30 Days!


Homemaking E Planner

Cleaning lists and home project planning: Homemaking ePlanner provides the tools you need to make your house a home.

Home Planner

Everything you need to help you plan, organize, maintain, and inventory the contents of your home.