Why De Clutter My House And Get Organized?

Is the clutter in your life getting out of control? Do you live in a constant state of chaos? Do you spend half of your day searching for things? Are you exhausted of constantly looking for things, losing keys, vital documents and valuables, living out of piles, often running late resulting in embarrassment, guilt, low self-esteem, despair and even depression? Do you feel that your life will be so much better if only you had the ability to be and live organized?

You have tried, right?

If you are like most people today, you feel that you have too little time and too much to do. Somehow life and just seems to keep on getting out of control and when you can least afford it, the domino effect hits home. As a result, you often end up not getting the things done that are needed to be done. And even little things grow into a mountain of work that you feel you can never climb.

You have given up so many hours honestly trying to bring method to the madness, but unfortunately those little victories don’t last long before being swept up by the overwhelming torrent of stuff … and more stuff … Within days of all of that work, your house is back to looking like a tornado went through it!

I used to be very unorganized. On all of my report cards that I received as a kid, the teacher always made that cute little comment “needs to get organized.” I had a desk that was a mess at school and a room that was a mess at home. One day, the teacher dumped out everything in my desk on the floor in front of the class and told me to pick it up. I can still feel the sting of that humiliation.

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Declutter and Organize Every Aspect of Your Life

This blog will teach you how to declutter and organize every aspect of your life – from your home, your work and even your life. It will also teach you some valuable tips and teaching secrets that you can pass on to your children so that they can learn the value of organization as well. You will learn valuable lessons on organization that you can use to keep your life in order and avoid feeling overwhelmed all of the time as well as read some anecdotes that perhaps you can relate to.

It will also teach you how you can stay organized even when things occur that throw you off your routine. We are not robots, we’re humans. And as everyone knows, we have things that come up that are unpredictable that can throw us off our kilter. You want to be organized, but you do not want to be so rigid in that you cannot handle a break in the routine without, as the kids nowadays say “tweeking out.”

Organization is essential for you to live a healthier life in both mind and body. When you feel as though you are well organized, you also feel as though you have more control in your every day life. It makes those around you more comfortable and also lends to harmony in the family. Why get a little organization in your life? The answer is simple – to retain your sanity, make you more efficient and to also give some sort of structure to your life and those around you.

You Can Overcome Your Unorganized and Cluttered Life

No matter how cluttered or unorganized you are, you can become the epitome of organization by taking the tips from this blog and applying them to your life. The first step is to realize that you did not get overwhelmed at once, it took months, years or even a lifetime for you to get to the state you are in now. However, even if your house is a total wreck, your kids are sapping all of your energy, your dog is constantly having accidents in the house and your work life is a mess because you keep skipping from one project to another, you can get it all back on track even for the most notoriously disorganized person!

You can turn yourself around! We can learn to be smart and outsmart your messy problem! You can tackle this and achieve success! Start with something small and manageable that won’t take too long and persistently keep at it till it is completed. This will built your confidence to succeed at larger projects in time and help you to understand the basic concepts of organizing so you can grow from there on.. It is important to know the first step in the process is to take it one small step at a time.

Trying to get organized can be daunting if you look at the entire picture. Therefore, you have to remember the old adage that my father always uses when it comes to getting organized: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Remember that you have to take your organization skills “one bite at a time” and start with small goals that will eventually lead up to the big goal, which is having organization in your life, work and home. Trust me, if I can do this, so can you.

Organizing is not all about throwing things out, but about identifying what is important to you, prioritizing and getting access to what you need when you need it.Organizing Does NOT Mean Throwing Everything Away

Organizing is not all about throwing things out, but about identifying what is important to you, prioritizing and getting access to what you need when you need it. You can avoid wasting precious time and energy looking for things you know you have, but can’t find when you need to, ending up buying those again and wasting money in the process. In stead we can learn how to un-clutter the clutter, how to stop cupboards from spewing out their contents when opening the door and overflowing drawers to get stuck. Clutter control is the answer.

Organizing can be immensely gratifying in this changing world with its increasing demands. It is not for the faint hearted though, since it sometimes will require courage, lots of persistence, self-discipline and self-control. It will invariably result in a character building exercise in most areas of your life.

Organizing is not a talent…..it is a skill, a remarkably simple skill that anyone can learn!

All that you need is the willingness and the “want to” to learn a completely new approach to the organizing process, a change of heart, a change in the way you think about it. Developing an understanding of what’s been holding you back in all your past efforts, causing you untold psychological suffering. There are very specific skills, techniques and tools that you need to learn that will make organizing manageable, tolerable, and attainable and … even fun, especially in hindsight when you will be reaping all the benefits!

Just think of the sense of achievement you will enjoy when you have acquired these new and sustainable skills that will put YOU in control of the clutter, instead of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and hopeless! You are about to discover how gratifying and fulfilling organizing can be. You can be more successful than you ever dared to imagine! Just organizing a small project can be so incredibly liberating and a huge achievement for a person that have been struggling with this problem for years. You can empower yourself to overcome your messy problem!

How Being Organized Saves You Time and Money

We all want to be able to organize our schedules and have the commitment to maintain them on a day-to-day basis, but how? Creating a workable schedule is typically time-consuming and often results in a frustrating battle with your calendar.

Organization is beneficial for everyone and can be easily adapted to suit individual needs. And believe it or not, being organized in your everyday life actually saves you time and money. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Efficient and Stress-Free

If you keep your belongings organized, you don’t need to spend time looking for them when needed. This is especially handy in the case of important yet rarely used items, such as insurance or tax information.

The key to keeping things organized is to come up with a place to keep something and stick to it. If you want to keep important mail in a desk drawer, make sure you keep all of your important mail in that drawer. Don’t be afraid of sorting your things too much. The more categories of things you come up with, the easier it will be to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Saves You from Buying New

Organization keeps you from buying items you already have, but you’ve forgotten about or lost in your household or workplace. You’re more likely to forget about a pack of rubber-bands you bought several months ago and never opened, than your car keys or your wallet. Combined, these types of purchases can end up costing you a significant amount of money for items that you already have.

Fortunately, this is a very fixable problem. By cleaning and organizing the designated “junk” drawers in your home or office and making a list of all the items, you will easily find the item you’re looking for the next time you go searching. This avoids unnecessary purchases and impulsive buys at the store in the future. It’s a very flexible habit that can be applied to many aspects of your daily routine.

Helps You Remember Important Details

It can be hard to keep track of every detail when you have a lot going on in your life. Sometimes, bills can get lost in the shuffle and go unpaid, or household maintenance gets overlooked. By keeping all of your activities organized, you can get them done in a more efficient manner and you make sure that every detail is taken care of.

Saves Money on Shopping

If you plan out a menu for each month, you can buy many of your groceries in bulk, saving you time and frequent trips to the store. If you prepare a list ahead of time, you can also look for coupons that offer savings on the things you plan to buy.
The same applies to non-food items, which can be bought in bulk and stored for later use. Staying organized and keeping essentials stocked up saves you the stress of running out to make a special trip for more. You can also plan out birthday or holiday gifts well ahead of time, so that you can keep an eye out for a good deal.

While it may take a bit of effort, organizing your life allows you to use your time more efficiently and to take full advantage of your finances. Not only that, but the more thought-out your budget or schedule is, the less you will worry about them. There are many tools designed to help keep you organized, including all kinds of helpful apps for mobile devices.


For the overwhelmed amongst you, a ray of light: you need not drown in a sea of chaos at home, nor are you doomed to live your life confronted by constant situations that are out of control. You are capable of restoring order in your life, how complex things may seem. You have a powerful innate and instinctive ability to organize, but it may have been incapacitated by factors like psychological causes from your childhood, or you have given up the daily struggle and got swamped and overwhelmed by stuff and more stuff.

Organizing is much more than just throwing the clutter out. It is about establishing new and invigorating environments that will inspire you to unleash your creative thinking. It will give you a sense of your own personal power and develop the sweetest sense of achievement that will motivate you to no end in reaching for more than you ever thought you were capable of.

Best of all, it will free you to pursue the higher goals, dreams and ideals you have in life. You will have so much more time than you ever thought possible by living the life you thought could only be a dream… your spirit will soar free instead of being chained to the grinding despair of constantly drowning in oceans of clutter!

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